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Update on the El Rosario Christian Academy For Boys





WE ARE SO CLOSE! Vonda and I made a decision NOT to move into the academy until it was completely paid off.

Eight days ago we still owed $18,000 and honestly, we didn’t have any idea how we were going to raise that kind of money any time soon. We just raised $2,000 to build Rosa and her daughters a new house, kitchen and stove! (We start building April 15!) We recently raised $6,000 to purchase 134 water filters! (We’re still passing those out. Update coming SOON!) And in October I flew to Colorado for two fundraisers and raised $45,000 for the construction of the academy. G-d’s people keep standing up!




The thought of asking 18 people to partner with us with $1,000 each was overwhelming. And then I read this:

Why missionaries ask for so much
By Frances Green

“When we lived in Venezuela it felt like we were always asking somebody for something.

Would my brother drive us to the airport at 3:30 in the morning? Can we stay with you–all six of us!–while Gary takes a class? Could Mom send us some chocolate chips? Will someone hand deliver a notarized copy to the consulate?

People must get tired of our requests because we certainly get tired of asking. It’s embarrassing. It’s humbling.

It makes us feel like a needy child instead of a responsible adult. We feel like the persistent brat – “Give me. Give me. Give me.”

Just because missionaries ask doesn’t mean we enjoy it. Most of us dread it. But we keep asking because the job we’re called to do is bigger than we can do alone.

We should be concerned when missionaries quit asking.

When they quit asking, it means they have quit dreaming. It means they are limiting their future ministry to what they can do in their own strength, with their own resources. And the kingdom of God is too big for that!

Why are missionaries always asking for something?

Because, by God’s design, that’s what missionaries do. And their asking allows the rest of us to lay up treasure in heaven and participate with them in God’s great plan for the nations.”

On March 22, the first day of Holy Week, we asked you to pray about being one of the 18 people who would partner with us to help pay off the construction of the new academy. As of today, we have raised $17,000. THAT. IS. MIRACULOUS. Thank you!

We are looking for three two ONE more warrior to stand with us. Are you one of the 18? Will you pray about it?  Click HERE to give.

We love you!

George and Vonda and 75 little boys who are becoming men of G-d

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  1. Your going to make it!!! I know God is working right now.
    Vonda, be praying for me, I’m going through a challenging time. I’ve offered up my property for sale. 50 acres above Windsor Timberline , amazing views of the mtns. Timberline has approached me about buying it.
    I’m struggling. I feel like God is calling me to sell, but now I’m questioning if I should. 25 years I’ve been here, raised 4 children here on my own. My dad, who is now gone, worked on this place when I remodeled.
    I don’t know if timberline is considering buying, so I guess this is where I’m at. …if they want to buy for the asking price, I’ll probably sell, but if they don’t, I think I’ll take it off the market. Be praying, God’s will be done.
    If they buy, I’ll come down there and help you guys. 🙂
    Love all of you! Lori

  2. Hi Lori! I do not know you, and you do not know me. However, we are sisters in the Lord. If the Lord puts something on your heart, then you must listen, and you will feel peace when you do. There was a time that I did not listen, and I did not talk to a friend with a hardened heart to the Lord. She was hit by a log truck when she was driving on a back road in Oregon and suddenly killed. I was devastated. Not only by her sudden, young passing – leaving 3 beautiful children and a Christian husband, but by the fact that she passed away lost. I learned later that she had accepted the Lord 3 weeks before her passing, and was happier than she had ever been. But the overwhelming regret – I couldn’t breathe. Now, when the Lord puts something on my heart, I do listen,. I don’t always understand the “why” or even get instant confirmation on it all, and sometimes I find out later the “why”. I just listen, and the peace comes. It must be difficult to give up on a special place such as yours – a legacy. I just know that there must be a really good reason why the Lord is asking you to sacrifice so much. Blessings to you as you decide what to do. It is an honor to know that the Lord is asking something of us. That he can trust us in that way. Either way, you are still the Lord’s daughter…. and he loves you, and understands what you are feeling. The Lord comforted my heart, and I have been able to face Kristi’s passing away without the mountain of regret now, but I did learn from it, and understand the need to reach as many people as possible before it is too late. I hope you do not mind me sharing my personal experience.

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