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The Guatemala Scarf Project

A few months ago we began “The Guatemala Scarf Project”. It was clear from the beginning it was going to be beautiful on all kinds of levels. The project has provided two single moms with an income that is enough to take care of their families. In the villages of Guatemala, when a dad leaves, single moms have a very hard road ahead.

Maria is 46 years old, with 4 young boys at home. Norma is 17 with a 2-year-old son named Jamie. Maria and Norma have been knitting scarves for the project for the past 3 months. What they earn from the scarves they make is their only income. It’s what feeds and clothes their children.  Shop Here.

Maria begins knitting as the sun is rising
Norma and her son Jaime

The method of knitting they use is called “loom knitting”. It is a simple skill that transforms yarn into beautiful scarves. They use local organic cotton yarn that is harvested and hand dyed in San Juan La Laguna, a small Mayan village on lake Atitlan here in Guatemala.

Organic Hand Spun Cotton from San Juan

This project has taken months to get up and running. We had several people pre-order scarves as soon as they were available, and Norma and Maria worked hard to fill those orders. We took this opportunity to grow the inventory, set up shipping and most importantly to get a lot of scarves to the United States.

Now they’re ready for you to buy!  Shop Here!

We are ready just in time for Fall! The scarves are a perfect accessory to anything you would wear in the winter or fall. They will make beautiful Christmas gifts for anyone on your list… including yourself. You’ll love them all, but my favorites are the “Norma” and “Maria” scarves.

So to kick this fall season off we have several ways you can help:

1.  Grab a cup of coffee and go to our website.  Browse through the scarves and purchase one or two for yourself.

2.  Consider buying one or two for the people you love in your life. Your mom, sister, daughter, or best friend will adore this gift. This goes beyond the scarf. Your purchase feeds real families and gives them self-esteem and confidence! When is the last time you had a story to tell about the gift you just gave?

3.  We will be promoting these scarves often for the winter months on all our Facebook pages. It would help us out if you would share this email and these Facebook posts with your friends. Let’s get the word out! The fact is… we need to sell 10 -15 scarves per month for this project to continue to sustain these women. I know this is doable! YOU CAN HELP, with the click of a button.

4.  Another option is to host a “scarf party.” We can get sample scarves to your home, and allow your friends to check them out and order them! If possible, I would love to Skype into the party and talk person to person with your guests, letting them know more about the project and about the women they are helping here in Guatemala! We can even give a few tutorials on fun ways to wear these scarves! Email me, and let’s set up a date.

When you or your friends order a scarf, it will arrive within 7-10 days! You are going to love them!

If you have any questions let us know! Thank you in advance and Happy Scarf Shopping!  Shop here!

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