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“Makes me cry just looking at it, took my breathe away!”

If you know Vonda, you love her.  That’s just the way it is.  She’s gentle, kind and giving. She’s a mom and a missionary but not everyone knows, she’s an artist!

I remember the first time I realized how incredibly talented she was.  We had been married almost a year.  For my birthday, she drew a portrait of my favorite athlete, John Elway.  I was floored.  FLOORED.

Over the years she was commissioned by some of the greatest athletes of our time including Hall of Famers Gale Sayers, Joe Sakic and Floyd Little. It’s funny because sometimes she didn’t even know who she was painting.  She just loved to paint.  I contacted the athletes and negotiated the deals and she painted.

You can see some of her sports art HERE.

Now that we’re in Guatemala Vonda is finally painting what she is passionate about and it shows.  Her art has gone to a whole new level.  She’s not just an artist anymore.  She gives people around the world the opportunity to be closer to the poor and oppressed of Guatemala and to better understand their lives.Vonda’s last painting was of Norma, a 17-year-old single mom struggling to feed her family.  Norma gets up early every day and she…works…hard.  I’m talking 10-12 hours, 7 days a week, sometimes walking for miles to haul firewood, hard.  It’s not an easy life.  You can see the painting of Norma HERE.When Vonda isn’t doing mommy work, she’s working with single moms in El Rosario and running the Guatemala Scarf Project.  Norma is one of the single moms she works with.  You can learn more and see the scarvesHERE.Vonda’s current painting tells a story of the young boys who make up The Vencedor Boys Academy.  Our primary mission in Guatemala is to walk with and mentor young boys to be men of God.  We make sure they’re eating, we make sure they know Jesus and we make sure they’re loved.This painting depicts the very first day of the academy in August of 2012.  A recent scripture I taught the boys was “Oren En Todo Momento” – “Never Stop Praying.” 1 Thessalonians 5:17Vonda’s painting tells a story of humbly coming before God, with heads bowed down before the King of Kings.  To accept His grace and to honor Him with our lives.  And…Never…Stop…Praying.We want everyone to have a little Guatemala in their homes with this painting.

Click here to see Vonda’s painting “Never Stop Praying”

“It’s my FAVORITE!!!
Makes me cry just looking at it!!! Took my breathe away!”
– Hope
“The painting is beautiful!”
– Tiffany
“Wonderful! Jon would love to hang it in his office! Absolutely beautiful.”
– Elaina


Congratulations to my daughter Demar and her husband Matthew! They were married in Belize LAST WEEK!  It. Was. Awesome! I am so proud of them!

We love you,George and Vonda
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