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We can’t do this alone.  We need you.  Here are 5 critical ways you can join us.

Pray Powerfully

We need powerful prayers from you! Not just short, last-thought on a prayer list, prayers. We need to be prayed for as sons and daughters on the front lines of battlefields are prayed for. We encourage you to adopt some missionaries to battle for in prayer—prayer for faith, encouragement, continued vision, strategy, health, wisdom, protection, and harvest reaping. Then we can celebrate in joy together during the harvest!

Contact Frequently

Sometimes, it feels like we’re living on an island.  We get lonely. It can be a deep, aching loneliness. We long for contact with friends and churches back home. One simple email or quick Skype can make a huge difference in a missionary’s life. Regularly connecting with us is one of the most important ways you can support us while we are on the mission field.  You don’t have to be some of our past best friends to connect, but you will become some of our dearest friends now. You will also reap in the joy of the harvest due to your deep connection to us and the mission.

Give Sacrificially

We wish you knew what you’re sowing into Guatemala. Just as Jesus applauded the widow for giving everything she had, we are looking for those of you who lovingly sacrifice whatever you can give to fund the Gospel going to the world. We don’t want guilt money. We desire loving, sacrificial gifts that have a passion for God and the nations behind them.

I once read something that said how God is looking for martyrs to share the Gospel: Some in the going, and some in the giving. It takes both. We want a deep partnership with you, as “martyrs” for the sake of the Gospel, to see the whole world saved.

Don’t stop telling

Did you know that one of the best ways to support us on the mission field is to be an ambassador for us? We’ve been gone for years, and sometimes people forget about us.  If we have a few people back home decide to support us by reminding people to give, to pray, to email, encourage us, and so on….it would be an enormous blessing. Maybe God is speaking to some of you now to support a missionary by being a go-between and reminder of the mission that the church sent out.

Listen Compassionately

We see things no one should ever have to see—murdered bodies on the side of the road, too many tiny white coffins, we experience trauma—natural disasters such as earthquakes and volcanic eruptions, police interrogations, our children being extremely ill, and so on. Yet, we are expected to always have it together and be the strong ones for everyone else.  Just being real.

We know and believe deeply that God is with us. We have seen Him do Acts-like miracles and felt His tangible presence. Yet, we are still human and feel the effects of what we see and experience.  One of the best ways to support us is to simply listen with compassion about how we are really doing. Not judging. Not trying to relate—most of you can’t, and that’s ok with us. Not being worried something is desperately wrong if we burst into tears, but glad to be a compassionate ear. We are always giving out; it’s nice to have someone simply care and listen to us for us for a few minutes.

Adapted from a post by Amy Rhodes, missionary to Asia.  You can follow her on Instagram at asialover3712

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