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Sponsorship – FAQ

How much does it cost to sponsor a student?

Sponsorship is either $45 or $85 per month depending on the middle school and program they go to.

$85 Sponsorship – We have 5 boys this year who will be attending our middle school, The El Rosario Christian Academy for boys.  It’s a traditional school with classes Monday through Friday 7:30am-3:15pm.

$45 Sponsorship – This year we have 10 students who will be attending a private non-traditional school we’ve partnered with, America Latina.  Classes are held on Saturdays 7:30-1:30pm.  America Latina is perfect for students who have to work weekdays (helping mom at home or working the fields).  Because it’s less expensive, kids have an opportunity to continue their studies when they might not have been able to otherwise.

Sponsor a Student

How long should my sponsorship last?

Sponsoring a middle school student is for 3 years.  The monthly payment has been divided over a 12 month period but can also be paid a year at a time, whatever is easier for you.  While we hope you will be able to continue in your support until graduation we recognize your circumstances may change. You can discontinue your sponsorship at any time.

If I must discontinue my sponsorship, what happens to the student I'm helping?

If you need to discontinue your sponsorship, we’ll immediately look for a new sponsor. There will be no interruption for them. You can discontinue your sponsorship at any time.  Please just let us know.

When will I get a Bio of the student I've sponsored?

Sponsors will get an emailed bio, including a photo, no later than mid April. Thank you for being patient. If you have not received your bio by April 15th, please email us at .

What specific benefits will the student I sponsor receive?

If you sponsor a student at The El Rosario Christian Academy for Boys, they’ll receive a full scholarship.  Books, school supplies, registration and tuition are all included.  The boys will get snacks and lunch every day.

If you sponsor a student at America Latina, they’ll receive a full scholarship and will attend class on Saturdays. Books, registration and tuition are all included. They’ll also receive two days of private tutoring during the week.

Can I send a birthday or Christmas gift?

Kids in Guatemala celebrate their birthday by requesting their favorite meal for dinner. We want to be considerate of siblings who would most likely not receive gifts for their birthday.

There are no Christmas trees, Black Friday or Santa Claus in the villages of Guatemala. Families almost always celebrate with tamales and a Guatemalan drink called “ponche”. It’s beautiful.

We want to be respectful of their traditions. Unfortunately, you will not be able to send gifts to your child.  Your sponsorship IS a huge gift!

Can I write my sponsored student?

Unfortunately, we don’t currently have the staff to translate and then respond to letters written to the boys. We hope to add that in the future.  BUT!  We will be creating a private Facebook page JUST for our middle school sponsored students.  You’ll be the first to get an invitation!

Can I visit my sponsored student?

Will I be the only person sponsoring the child I’m helping?

Yes. The student you’re helping has just one sponsor: you. That’s why your prayers and support mean so much! If you choose to sponsor a child as a group (for example, a youth group or a Sunday school class), no other group or individual will also sponsor them.

What percentage of expenditures is spent on program activities?

100 percent of your sponsorship directly benefits your student. Zero percent goes to fundraising or administration.

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