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Good Morning from Guatemala!

Good morning!

We had our first big rain last week. It came in the middle of the night and we had two of our three kids calling for us.  The thunder is CRAZY in Guatemala! Once the thunder disappeared it was just the “tap-tap-tap” of rain on our roof. But I couldn’t sleep. All I could think about was our family in El Rosario. The leaky roofs. The mud floors. I wondered how loud it must be for them. Do their kids also wake up? Or are they used to it? Would they sleep on wet ground tonight? I fell asleep praying for them.

Last week was a BIG milestone for our little ministry. We successfully installed our first wood stove. Big deal, right? Except we have spent months searching for the perfect design. We had 2 main criteria. First and most importantly it had to have a chimney to get the “death-smoke” out of the kitchen. Second, it had to get hot enough to use yet be fuel-efficient.

Now that we had the design, who would get the first stove? God has put Francisca and her girls on our heart. We wanted her to have the first stove but honestly, her kitchen would have to be re-built before we could install the stove. It was THAT dangerous. Maybe she could get the NEXT stove? Or maybe. Maybe we could re-build her kitchen.


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God Is Enough

There is so much to tell you. I can’t write enough words to fully describe our lives here. Take a few minutes to read this guest blog about the people we love in El Rosario, “Just like that, Silvia is now a singlemother of four.”

Prayer requests

Please pray for the single moms of El Rosario and for single moms all over the world. Pray that God would comfort them, assure them and that God would pour down so much blessing on their lives that they can’t contain it all. Pray for Silvia and her children.

Pray for The El Rosario Christian Academy. That we would be obedient to God and that He would open the doors needed to make it a reality. Please pray for our meeting with the school principal next week that we would have favor with him.

Pray for my (not so) little ones, Gabriel, Cecilia and Samuel as they leave the comfort of their current American school to a Guatemalan school on July 8th. I can’t express to you how big a change this will be. They will be taught completely in Spanish. There will be hard days.

Pray for our missionary team, the Owens and Marroquins. Pray that God would allow us to see others through His eyes. Pray that God would protect and bless our relationship with them and that we would follow Jesus everywhere.

Please pray for our wood stove ministry. Pray that we would be guided to those who need stoves most and that God would provide the funding needed to transform the health of El Rosario for generations to come.

Would you pray about supporting what God is doing through us in Guatemala? If you feel called to be a part of our support team, (click here). We could not do this without a few people praying and listening to God. Our greatest financial need right now is the increase in school tuition. Because it is too dangerous in Guatemala to send our kids to a public school they will be attending a private Colegio. The tuition is $125 each per month.

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