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Photo of the week – “Horse with no name”

Sometimes I take 50+ photos to get a photo I like.  And sometimes, as with this one, I take just a few.

I was driving through Chimaltenango after a heavy rain and I passed a man riding his horse down the street.  He was moving at a pretty good pace.  I remember debating whether I should take the photo or not.  I wasn’t sure about the lighting and I was in a hurry but I stopped just ahead of him, jumped out of my truck and was able to take just 3 photos.

I take all my photos with my iPhone.  I had a DSLR but I ended up selling it.  I almost never had it with me and when taking photos of people it seemed so intrusive.  Best decision ever.  I could NEVER have gotten this photo with it.

When I see a good photo opportunity, I’m working on taking the time to stop and take the shot.  Sometimes I’m intimidated to ask, and other times I feel like I’m in a hurry, but I almost always regret not taking the photo.  I can actually remember photos I wish I would have taken.


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  1. Your photos of real life in Guatemala are STUNNING. ❤️

    1. THANK YOU Holly! That means a lot.

  2. Amazing is the only word I can come up with, but that doesn’t do it justice!

  3. The photo is beautiful, the rider seems to be in deep thought, probably how the whole country feels right now.

    Continuall prayers for Guatemalas recovery and your family.

    1. The country is still reeling from the destruction. Thank you for your prayers.

  4. I am so captivated by this man on a horse with the dark clouds in the sky as the backdrop. I can only imagine what he is thinking. I am beyond blessed that you shared.

    1. Thank you Paula! I’m glad I stopped.

  5. Shared – I’m unclear who took the photo but shared as a supporter of Ordinary Missionaries. Love the image. As a seasoned photographer ( ha ha ) and a 30+ year newspaper editorial designer I can see you in the picture. How’s that you ask? The horse is weaving around you, possibly looking at you and the rider looks away. It’s still really powerful and has a lot to say. I absolutely love it. If you can, try being more sneaky. I know it’s not easy, I read how it happened, and no one plans these things. Blessings. Love, Laughter and Love from Naples.

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