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“Do you make exceptions?”


Guest post by Karlie Ruiter
An Ordinary Nurse in El Rosario, Guatemala

“Do you make exceptions?”

Our focus is babies. The ordinary missionaries crew believes in creating generational change. We focus on development programs more that relief efforts. We believe in empowering people to help themselves.

How do you end the cycle of child abandonment in the village? Open a school and raise up young boys to be faithful to their families. Give them an education that allows them to provide for their future children.

How do we eradicate malnutrition in our village? Start a program for brand new babies and and new mommas. Teach them how to raise their babies up in health. End malnutrition before it starts.

“Do you just help babies?  Do you make exceptions? ”

We make exceptions. God decides who we should help. We pray for discernment everyday. To see every person God puts in our path and love as He does. 

That is why our toddler medical program expanded by 50 percent after the screening for [only] newborns was conducted. Nobody was turned away.

That is why we help diabetics. That is why we help sick men get back work so their kids can eat again.

When this sweet lady knocked on the clinic door, we invited her in. We held her hands and listened. We helped her.

8 days old or 80 years old- God sees you.

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