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(Photo credit – his momma Demar)

Meet our grandson Briggs Legend Moran, born on June 15th!  Yea.  I know.  Cool name.  And HE IS ADORABLE!   And I get to meet him in TEN DAYS!  I can’t wait.

Without a doubt, being away from my daughter Demar and her family, is the hardest part about living in Guatemala.

Many people were traveling with Jesus. He said to them, “If you come to me but will not leave your family, you cannot be my follower. You must love me more than your father, mother, wife, children, brothers, and sisters—even more than your own life!  Whoever will not carry the cross that is given to them when they follow me cannot be my follower.”

Mark your calendar!  We have two fundraisers coming up in Colorado.  We’re GROWING!  This year we’re completing construction of our middle school and adding a 2nd level which includes 3 more classrooms and a multi-purpose meeting room. This will allow us to expand our computer lab and provide more tutoring to our elementary kids.  LIVES BEING CHANGED!

Saturday, October 13 5pm – Come out for “An old fashioned auction event with cowboy chili and all the fixins!”  Elbert, Colorado.  Silent auction and live auction.
Saturday, October 20 6pm – A night of coffee and dessert in Windsor, Colorado.  Silent auction and live auction.

I would love to see you there!

If you know of a small business owner or of anyone who would be interested in being a corporate sponsor of either event, please contact me. Sponsors get a private table at the event and I’ll visit them (and the group) in January to present a slideshow of our most recent photos (do people even call them slideshows anymore?).  It could be a small group, a church, a family.  A sponsorship is a $2,500 donation or more.

Thank you for doing this ministry with us.  We can’t do it alone.  It take all of us.  If I could possibly beam you over for one hour, I would want it to be during Bible study.  I would want you to see their eyes as we read through the book of Luke.  I would want you to see God’s grace and mercy up close.

We love you.  To the moon and back.

George and Vonda

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  1. George and Vonda,

    Your grandson is amazing and congratulations to all! I pray you safe journies and a very successful fundraising. With love and blessings from Ohio.

  2. THANK YOU Cyndi. ❤️❤️❤️

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