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“Peter, why do you cry?”


Over the summer, Gabriel and Cecilia attended the 5-week summer session at Ellerslie Discipleship Training. They came back EXPLODING with excitement, passionate to be closer to Jesus.

Their excitement was contagious and inspired Samuel and I to register for the 1-week session, the first week of February. Vonda is registered for the fall session.  (I COULD NOT RECOMMEND ELLERSLIE MORE!)

This is from our first lecture.  (You don’t want to skip this!)

‘After the ascension of Christ, it was often noted by the saints that the Apostle Peter would cry. When a cock would crow, it would often move the Apostle to tears. But, there were other times, too, when, for no apparent reason, the big-framed fisherman would sob. One day, a young believer dared to approach the mighty man of God and ask the question that was on everyone’s heart. “Peter, why do you cry?” The Apostle looked at the young man and said, “Desiderio Domini.” Peter’s actual words were not Latin, but this is how history has preserved his famed utterance – this is the grief-strained words that have passed down through Christian history and have moved so many that have read them. For, in English, the phrase Desiderio Domini means, because, I dearly long for my lord.’ – Ellerslie Discipleship Training from The Return of Majesty lecture.

I don’t know about you, but THIS IS THE ONLY PLACE I WANT TO BE.

The El Rosario Christian Academy went on without me!

Classes started on January 30th and Sam and I boarded a plane for Colorado on January 31st. After the week at Ellerslie, Sam stayed with my parents and snowboarded for a few days. This is a BIG DEAL for a kid who basically grew up in Guatemala. The extra 5 days gave me a rare chance to meet with ministry partners, to look them directly in the eyes and thank them, to give them updates and to cast vision.

Our time in Colorado summed up in 3 photos, taken of the same lake, over 48 hours.

Vonda and I have never wanted to be “the guy” in this ministry. We’ve always wanted Jesus to be “the Guy” and we’ve always wanted the ministry to be run by Guatemalans. Being gone for the first two weeks of classes was a great opportunity to watch our team STEP UP. And they did! I AM SO PROUD!

This year I fully expect to turn over 90% of the administrative work to Adalis Tacatic, who has been with me for SEVEN YEARS! This year I’m turning over 100% of the English classes to Adalis and Luis Pedro. If you’ve met Luis you know that he speaks 5 languages fluently and is currently learning German. He’s traveled the world, he’s Guatemalan and he’s one of the teachers at the academy. I’ll be introducing both to you SOON!

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  1. Miss you all and I am always sharing your stories and works with friends, co workers and people I may just be talking to that the opportunity shares. People can see Jesus in all that you do and His works that He has set especially for you. God’s protection and Glory always! Big Hugs!!!
    Cathy Castle

    1. Catherine, thank you for sharing. Thank you for your kind words. Thank you for your prayers and encouragement. It means so much. ❤️

  2. Love hearing about all of your experiences & learning from all of your wisdom. Can’t wait to hang with you this summer.

    1. Looking forward to it Eric!

  3. George you are truly a man of God. So proud of you!

    1. Thank you Eleanor! ❤️❤️❤️

  4. great stuff george. so cool to see the locals stepping into leadership. where will that leave you? new ministry plant? west africa? LOL abrazos a todos mi amigo!

    1. Hermano, quien sabe lo que Dios ha planeado para nosotros. La última pieza del rompecabezas es alguien para enseñar la Biblia todas las mañanas. Simplemente nos estamos poniendo a disposición para servirle. Qué sueño sería envejecer en África occidental. Jaja.

  5. I have known Gabe since he was an yet-born in Vonda’s womb. It is a privilege to see him grow up into an honorable young man. I feel the same way with your other children. I look forward to witnessing the growth in your youngest. Miss Vonda as much as I am happy for the life you lead as a family.

    1. Thank you Sara! It’s been a long journey! Some days our life in Colorado is so close you can reach out and touch it and some days it seems like an entire other life. ❤️

  6. I love to read your words, they always make me turn inward and reaffirm what is important while we are on this earth.

    1. Thank you Holly! 💛 You have no idea how much that encourages us.

  7. Peter was souled out. You’re souled out. El Rosario Christian Academy. IS. SOULED. OUT.
    Praise God. We’re with you brother. Keep moving as He leads.

    1. I don’t think I could like this any more. Thank you for being souled out with us sister! ❤️

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