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Love your neighbor as yourself

In the last 2 weeks we’ve delivered over 5,000 lbs of food to more than 50 families, mostly the elderly and single moms.  We couldn’t have done it without you!  Meet some of the people you helped!

This is what $50 buys and what we delivered.

35lbs of corn
7lbs of black beans
5lbs of rice
25lbs of vegetables
5lbs Incaparina / high quality protein supplement
5lbs dry milk
Cooking oil
30 eggs

Depending on the size of the family, this should last 2-3 weeks.

We’ll be delivering again next week.  If you’d like to help, CLICK HERE and select “Feed a family in crisis”.

All our love,
George and Vonda

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  1. Amazing news guys, God has you placed exactly where He needs you! The school is amazing and in these difficult times you are meeting the needs of the needy and hungry just as the Lord commanded. Be blessed. As you know it’s been a hard and emotional time for my family with passing of my Father 2 weeks ago but it’s little beacons of hope like this that lift my spirit. Isn’t it amazing George and Vonda, in times of strife, calamity and mourning the Father gives you little pieces of hope, like this newsletter, to keep up our spirits, thank you my friends, you have helped me through a difficult time. George thank you also for the photos of my sponsor kid and his profile. And also taking the photo with him with the plaque of my name for the lounge, I laughed, never been honoured like that and humbled. I’ve been with you guys from the very beginning watching and am so glad I got involved. Thanks for making me a part of your great work and God’s amazing power and love. My day will come when I can eventually come and visit and what a day that would be. Take care and stay safe my friends. Praying for you and the family and all situations.
    Love you all. Your brother Byron. Donation being made. God’s richest blessings!!

    1. Byron, I hope to someday give you the hug you deserve. Your friendship and long time partnership is invaluable. If we don’t see you in Guatemala, we’ll see you in Glory brother!

      All our love,

      George and Vonda

      1. Hi George. My love for your ministry has never been diminished. It has been an amazing journey for me too my brother from the very beginning, like my second family. I see the food shortage is ongoing so I’ll send something more at the end of this week like last time. Oh believe me when this is all over or has come to some sort of normality you will not see me in Glory yet but I’ll be standing beside you in Guatemala very soon! Love to all bro. And as always, keep er lit!! God’s blessings dear friend!

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