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“Babe, if I die unexpectedly”

I started preparing a document for my wife titled, “Babe, If I die unexpectedly”. I know. Weird.

This actually has nothing to do with COVID-19. It’s something I’ve wanted to do for years but haven’t had the time.

You may not know this about me but I’m not a big fan of flying. While I’m in the air, I have to force myself to think about something else because if I think about the giant metal tube I’m in, moving through the air at 575 miles per hour, I kind of freak out. According to a friend of mine who’s a pilot, “I have control issues.” I’m not surprised.

And so, every time I fly back to Colorado for a fundraiser, I think about writing this document.

My initial thought was to tell Vonda where all the passwords are. I also wanted to give her a list of important phone numbers, like our accountants (in both countries), doctors, partners, etc.

Honestly, it got overwhelming, FAST. I started writing a list of everything I do in the ministry so I could help her navigate through each piece. This is my first draft. If you’ve ever thought about becoming a missionary, this is what your life might look like.


BABE, IF I DIE UNEXPECTEDLY, I want you to know what I do and where to find things.  You can find ME, by continuing to follow Jesus. I’ll be with Him.  ❤️

I think the most important thing to know right now is, I love you. I always have. Please don’t be sad.  “I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith.” 2 Timothy 4:7-8

No matter what, don’t forget that we have two ministries. ALWAYS keep first things first. We adopted the four littles so we could take care of them, love them, so we could pray over them, teach them to pray, teach them about Jesus, teach them to follow Jesus and teach them to make disciples. You do this so well! Our first ministry is raising kids to know and love our Father.

This is a list of our teachers and their phone numbers. I meet with them every Friday, mostly to listen to them and find out how I can support them. Pray for our teachers every day.

This is a list of our staff and their phone numbers. Three of them are single moms. Make it a priority to connect with them. They’ll especially need your love and compassion.

I teach Bible to 17 boys every morning. This is a list of their parents and their phone numbers. If any of our three biggs are still home, ANY ONE of them is qualified to take over daily Bible study, (that says a lot Babe!) If they’re not home, it’s going to be your greatest responsibility. I believe with all my heart that one of our graduates will eventually teach Bible at the academy. Pray for that boy to step up.

We have 3 houses to build this year. This is a list of builders from El Rosario as well as contact phone numbers for suppliers. Rolando can manage the projects. Always keep an eye on the community. The Holy Spirit will put the people who need you, in your path.

These are the people we’re watching out for, to make sure they’re healthy, eating and know they’re loved. You’ll see lots of single moms, widows, sick and the poorest of the poor. Pray for them and give to them abundantly.

This is a list of partners who are paying for our personal expenses, they’re the reason we can keep doing what we do. Keep them in your prayers. Keep in touch with them and let them know how much we love and appreciate them.

This is a list of sponsors for the elementary kids. We have about 80 of them! Rolando and Adalis teach and run this program but will need your encouragement. Lavish it.

This is the password to our website. I try to write something every week but it ends up being more like every other week. Don’t stress out about this. Do the best you can. People will understand. April knows everything you need to know about our website.  She’s an internet genius.

This is our accountants phone number in the States. Kevin knows him and will take over anything to do with taxes. Kevin is the Michael Jordan of spreadsheets. He’ll file our personal and ministry taxes.

This is our accountants phone number and address in Antigua. I meet with her once a month to go over expenses. Adalis is learning to do it and will be able to take over soon. The accountant will file our taxes at the end of the year and translate them to English for our US accountant.  Coordinate that with Kevin.

This is a list of doctors we work with, know and trust. Rolando should be able to drive anyone we’re helping into the city. If you pray that the Holy Spirit would put the right people in your path, they’ll be knocking on the gate. Pray for this every day.

This is a list of people who run our fundraiser in Elbert in November. Kelly will take care of most of the heavy lifting. You just need to support her and encourage her, it’s a lot of work and she carries a lot of weight on her shoulders.

This is a list of people who work on the Windsor fundraiser. They work so hard to make it successful.  Keep praying that someone steps up to lead this.

This is all the contact information and passwords for our bank accounts in Guatemala. There’s a good chance this is how I died. Banking in Guatemala is worse than pulling back fingernails with plyers. I’m sorry. The devil runs the banking here.

This is all the contact information and passwords for our bank accounts in the States. They’re amazing.  Especially compared to Satan’s banking in Guatemala.

Our board of directors for Ordinary Missionaries is INVALUABLE. I know you know this but I want to remind you to lean into them. They’ll want to help you. You’re not in this alone.

This is a list of missionaries we support. Donations are taken out of our personal account automatically. If our card expires, or if a payment doesn’t go through, make sure you take care of it right away. As you know, the workers are few. Pray for more workers on the field.

This is a list of 5 people I trust completely. Call them up as soon as you’re ready. They’ll run through fire for you.

If I die in Guatemala I want to be buried in El Rosario. If I die in a plane crash I want you to know I will have prayed and preached as the plane went down.

Man, I hate leaving you like this.

I know Jesus because YOU prayed for me. You never gave up on me. You prayed for 13 years that I would KNOW Jesus. Be careful what you pray for! Haha. There is no one I would rather have run this race with than you. See you soon Babe. Forever.

All my love,

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  1. I LOVE YOU BOTH (and all of your kids) so very very much!!! This was an incredible read. I can only imagine how difficult it must have been to think through EVERYTHING and pass the knowledge along in the event you are called HOME before your beautuful wife!! I also want to commend you, yet again, on your AMAZING writing skills. Every time I receive your newsletter, I open it up quickly anxiously awaiting to read and feel the love and warmth you are able to convery thru your words. DO NOT QUESTION YOUR ABILITIES TO COMMUNICATE, the Lord has BLESSED YOU with a unique and awesome skill set to share and draw people in. May the Lord continue to bless ypou, your family and the ministry we are all a part of.

    1. Kevin, thank you for always commenting on our posts. It’s so encouraging! Thank you for your prayers and friendship brother. I hope to see you again soon.

    1. Celeste, we are so glad to know you. I hope this all clears up and we get to see you in November. We missed you last year!

  2. Wow, I am overwhelmed by all that you do! Surely you won’t die and leave Vonda with all these duties 😊🙏
    Blessings! Long live George!!

    1. My plan is not to die soon. Haha. But I’m ready when the Lord calls me home. ❤️

  3. Jorge! This was beautiful. Can i copy/paste before you put it on Legalzoom and sell it? LOL. My own 10 years in Guate led me to a belly laugh when I read “there is a good chance this is how I died. …the devils runs the banking here.” Love you bro!

    1. Thank you Brock. I figured you’d understand and agree with my opinion of Guatemalan banking. Haha. I’m not gonna lie, I miss you man. And just so you know, you’re one of the 5 that Vonda may call some day. Hopefully not anytime soon. 🙏🏾

  4. This is a beautiful demonstration of love. If only all husbands thought enough of their wives to do this. God bless you and allow you to live long and prosper.

    1. That is so kind of you to say. Thank you. Stay safe. May God’s Holy Spirit overfill your home and heart. ❤️

  5. I love you both❣ This is beautiful…..the thoughts, the truths, the guidance, the love. I pray for you all daily, I am for blessed to be a part of this ministry 🙏 I love you all❣

    1. Kim, we love you right back! ❤️ Hoping and praying I get to see you in November. We are so deeply grateful that you are a part of this ministry. THIS is what the church was meant to be. Praying for one another, standing with each other and sharing the Good News. ❤️

  6. George, I’m in agreement with others about your AMAZING ability to put words to your thoughts and convey who is in your ♥️.
    It’s obvious that Jesus and teaching others about Him is a big priority in your life, as He should be. Your love for Vonda and your children, the Biggs and the littles shines through too 💜. Thanks for letting us share your life in Guatemala! Until next time, be WELL, be SAFE and continue to SHINE ON for Jesus and the people He loves 💜💜.

    1. Debbie, THANK YOU. I hope that our lives here shines light into the lives of your family, especially Josiah’s! ♥️

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