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It was as if God reached right down and hugged every single person there.

We absolutely adore this family. Mara and her daughter Adalis are an integral part of our team. But more than that, they are our good friends. Our very best times in Guatemala have taken place right where this photo was taken. On their front porch.

On this night Mara invited us to dinner to celebrate her daughters birthday. She asked George to please choose the meal.

“Mara, whatever you cook will be amazing. Ask Lisbeth!” he said.

“No George. We want you to tell us what your favorite Guatemalan meal is.”

That night we ate the most delicious tamales and Pepian. George’s favorite.

After dinner Lisbeth and her friends performed a play for us. They asked David, Cecilia and George to let doves go into the night. A sign of peace and love. As I write this, I know I’m not doing it any justice. I feel bad about that.

If that weren’t enough, they asked us all to stand in a line as they GAVE US GIFTS. They thanked us for being a part of the community and how much of a blessing it was. “Answered prayers”.

I think it’s important to note that Mara and her husband have four girls, yet they help and support the Boys Academy at every opportunity. They get it. They see God’s plan for El Rosario.

In a village where we serve and love every day, on this night, God blessed us with this family. We were loved and served right back. It was as if God reached right down and hugged every single person there.


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