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The coffee is strong. Just the way I like it!

“Buenas noches!”

Can I just say that writing these updates is a privilege for me.  I imagine that we’re sitting down over a cup of coffee.  Right now Oceans, by Hillsong United, is playing in the background. (listen here) The coffee is strong.  Just the way I like it.  🙂  Here’s the thing.  I want to hear from you too.  I care about you and your life too.  Send me a quick update.  It would mean a lot to us.

Venancia had a severe stomach infection a few weeks ago.  She could not hold food or liquids down and she was vomiting multiple times daily!  This had been going on for weeks.  After a three days at a private hospital she returned home where she slowly began to eat solid foods, mostly fruits and vegetables and oatmeal type drinks.

I visited her almost every day and honestly, she was up and down.  Two good days, then a bad day.  Good day.  Bad day.  BUT…after a few weeks, she is looking AMAZING!  I don’t think I have ever seen her look so good!  I’m so proud of her for resting and being patient.  It’s been a very slow recovery.  The fear in her eyes is gone.

photo1 (9)

Venancia and Angelica

Vonda has been working with two single moms in El Rosario, helping market their knitted scarves.  You have no idea what a miracle this is!  First of all, the scarves are BEAUTIFUL.  Every scarf sold helps these single moms feed their families.  I know that sounds dramatic but that is reality.  She also just started working with Angelica who is a stay-at-home mom raising seven kids.  Every week for the next three weeks we’ll introduce you to one of the moms and tell you a little more about their life.  Scarves will be available to purchase SOON!

photo2 (6)

Flora, Lizbeth, Ruth, Reyna and Cecilia modeling the scarves!

One of the questions we received from our last newsletter was “How do we decide who to help?”

It’s hard sometimes because, as you can imagine, we want to help everyone.  We HAVE to start our day asking for Gods direction.  “God, please make it obvious who you want us to help today.  God, today, let us see people through your eyes.  More of you.  Less of me.”  Every.  Single.  Day.  The answer to your question is that we lean on and trust God.  Unfortunately, we have to say no, a lot.  And that’s hard.

Father’s day in the States is celebrated on the 3rd Sunday in June and this year we got to celebrate with Hope and Tony Kern and their boys who were visiting.  (I’ll be posting a guest blog from the Kerns in the next update!)  Father’s day in Guatemala is on June 17th every year.  This is the text that I received from a young girl whose family we love and stand by.  Reyna has never known her dad.

“Good afternoon Jorge.  I just want to wish you Happy Father’s Day.  God bless you…for me, you are a father because you have supported me in so many things.  I thank you for everything.  Happy Father’s Day.  Reyna”

photo1 (10)


Did you know you can recycle this email?  Just forward it to 5 friends who might be interested in what God is doing in Guatemala by a couple of Ordinary Missionaries.  They can sign up to get this email by clicking here à Sisneros Newsletter!   Recycling is good for the earth!

If you would like to support the work God is doing through Vencedor Ministries CLICK HERE. 100% of your support goes directly to The Vencedor Boys Academy.  We also have specific needs.  We’ve listed each of them on our website and are marking them off as they are met.  Check out the list at CLICK HERE.

May you be covered in His dust,
George and Vonda Sisneros
Visit our Facebook page here-> OrdinaryMissionaries!

PS – Vonda and I could not do what we do without a few faithful people answering the call of God to support us every, single, month.  We want say THANK YOU from the very bottom of our hearts.  When we deliver food to a single mom and then help her find sustainable work…we don’t do it alone.  You are there with us!  As I teach 40 boys about a mighty God, you are there with me.  We could not do this without you!  Thank you.  If you would like to support Vonda and I personally, CLICK HERE.  Please pray about it.  It has to be something that God puts on your heart.

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