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Photos Do Not Tell The Whole Story – Not Even Close

I may have said this before, forgive me if I have, but Cecilia’s sleep is precious! She needs every ounce of it to rest & recover. Cecilia’s days are ALL hard. Every single one of them. She doesn’t get a day off of HARD. She doesn’t get a moment off of hard. 

If you saw her at church last weekend for the few minutes she came in, she was working her butt off to breathe in a way that looked “normal”.  She was so brave. I am in awe that she did it! When she is awake there is no rest.

Cecilia was not released from the hospital because she is breathing better. (Although not having pulmonary hypertension is better!!! Thank you Jesus!) She was released, because from a medical position, the hospital room no longer served her. She has no typical “respiratory” issues. Her lungs are healthy! Praise God!

I know you are wondering if her breathing has gotten better. I want to tell you that Pictures don’t tell the whole story.  Not even close. 

And so I’m going to say yes. This is a fragile, very small yes. Today I saw progress in her understanding of her breathing, but little physical change without force. Not a “natural” better. Better than when we left Guatemala? Yes. Better than some days back in December NO! 

If you and I breath at a 10 (great) and in the hospital in Guatemala Cecilia was at a 3 (horrible) I’d say within 20 minutes of waking up Cecilia ebbs & flows between a 3 & 6 all day, moments of 2 even. Last Wednesday I saw an 8 for a few hours.

Cecilia’s story is very complex. To give you detailed prayer requests would take so long and even then I’m not sure I’d cover all the things going on.

So I’m going to try this. I hope it doesn’t feel impersonal…I’m going to make a list of words that flood my mind when someone asks how they can pray…then you can pray over the whole list as you feel led. Or if something sticks out, you can message me separately & I will give you more details. 

Return breath
Breathe in less/don’t fill your lungs
Muscle tension 
Body movement/wiggle
You can breathe/you don’t need to breathe
Inner healing
Diet & nutrition
Heart issues
Vocal Chord Dysfunction
Mental fog and concentration
Reading and writing
Group therapy

Feeling alone

Complete healing

Tonight as I write (on my phone beside her) I worry about her sleep. It is so necessary. The last several days we were in the Guatemalan hospital she needed us to lay close…she was so scared. When she fell asleep she would wake at any noise or movement.

She slept well immediately in Colorado. The nurses would take vitals every 4 hours & she would sleep through it. I could be in her bed or across the room. When we got to my moms, I could put her to sleep & if I didn’t fall right asleep I could go and message George or give him a call. Last night & tonight she has begun to stir if I get up or roll over. Last night that stir turned to reaching for breath. I don’t know why. This is us…ebbing & flowing. Pray that her sleep remains sound. 

I hope each of you is well! If not…I would love to be praying for you. Message me. I need to come up for air. Praying for others has helped! And I truly love each of you!

Good night!


PS – After praying about it, George and the boys will join us in Colorado!  They will be here for the next 2 months.

We can’t make any decisions past the next two months, as you can imagine. We believe, she will be doing better and we can make plans to return to Guatemala.  One step at a time.

For today, it’s the right thing to do. Please keep praying for Ceci. Pray for comfort. Pray for hope. Pray for a complete healing…soon.


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