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Meet Jose Mario

One of the things I love about El Rosario is that kids don’t run up to us and ask for candy or money. They run up to say hi and give us hugs. Their parents don’t ask us to build homes but instead they ask us to pray with them. I could not be more honored to be serving our Lord in Guatemala.  We are living at the epicenter of the blessings God promised.

Yesterday the principal, Mr. Rosales, asked if we could meet with him. He explained that he had a student he’d like us to meet. He told us about a boy who had sores on his hands and the sores have continued to get worse. He asked if we would pray for him.

“What’s your name?” I asked.

“Jose Mario.” He answered in a timid voice.

“Do you have brothers and sisters?”

He nodded his head, no.

“What are your parents names?” I asked.

“I only have a mom.”

The principal told us that Jose Mario’s hands are often in so much pain he can’t write and he recently missed 2 weeks of school. His teacher asked if he would like to attend class and just listen. He agreed and that’s where we found him today.

“Can we pray for you Jose?”


This little guy crawled up on my lap as we began to pray. In the 12 months I’ve been in Guatemala, I’ve never seen the team pray like we did yesterday. With conviction and by the power of the Holy Spirit we asked God to heal his little hands. We asked God to restore his body to perfection. We prayed for protection from ridicule. We prayed for his momma. We thanked God for Jose Mario’s life. We thanked God for trusting us with His child. We thanked God for His healing.

We will be visiting Jose Mario and his family this week. Please pray for him. We believe in miracles. We believe in healing. We believe this little boy will be a living testimony to the love of Jesus Christ.

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  1. Thank you for inviting us to pray with you. May the Great Physician, our Lord, hear our prayers and touch Mario’s hands with His love and mercy. I know that healing will come and it is on the way. May the Lord continue your ministry and keep you and your family safe under His care and renew your strength every day.
    God Bless,

    1. THANK YOU Erika! Sorry for the slow reply. Give a hug to your boyfriend from me. Haha.

      God bless,


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