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I thanked God for their wide eyes and loving hearts!

Hello from Guatemala!

Whew! Now that spring is over in Guatemala it’s time to get ready for spring! Time to say goodbye to those 78 degree days and hello to 79 degree days. 🙂 Guatemala is “The Land of Eternal Spring”. It’s beautiful.

A group of 22 visited from Colorado last week! Each day we took a group of 4-5 to experience our ministry. We gave them a peek into the work God is doing in the mountain village of El Rosario. They were so grateful and gracious. Every day, they thanked us for the work we are doing here. Every day, they thanked us for hosting them. It was humbling. And at the end of every day I thanked God for THEM. I thanked God for their encouragement. I thanked God for their refreshment. I thanked God for their wide eyes and loving hearts. It was our blessing to host them.

kevin and colorado team

eskew colorado team

As the week came to an end I was hit by the worst case of gout of my life. I’ve had gout for 25 years so that says a lot. I was on crutches for the last two days the team was here and I literally couldn’t walk for 3 days after they left. Thanks to God we had friends who sent “Essential Oils” that we have been using to help the healing. In the past, a gout attack like this could take 4-6 weeks to heal. Thanks to some very caring friends and the healing power of a mighty God, I’m walking and getting better every day.

A few weeks ago, 25-year-old widow Brenda was re-diagnosed with cancer. She has been cancer free for 5 years so it was devastating news. I can’t imagine what was going through her mind. Her husband was murdered leaving her to take care of her 3 beautiful children. What now??? We prayed. 

Our ministry partners David and Lindsey asked her if she would like to get a second opinion. About 10 days ago, Brenda visited our doctor who assured her that she did not have cancer and that at worst she has pre-cancer. Can God cure cancer in a week? I believe He can.

brenda and kids

Take a few minutes to read a recent blog I wrote with the help of my wife and inspired by the Holy Spirit, “I choose to be Esther”. I pray it will challenge you. I choose to be Esther

And finally, if you have visited us in Guatemala you have probably met Ruth.  Ruth lives with her grandma and recently she celebrated her 15th birthday!  This birthday marks the transition from childhood to young womanhood. In this community and in this culture, there is a real transitional line.

It. Was. Amazing.

I don’t know how many more “quince años” we will have the privilege of celebrating but this is a day we won’t forget.

ruth in dress

ruth and guests 15

If you would like to support the work God is doing through Vencedor Ministries CLICK HERE. 100% of your support goes directly to The Vencedor Boys Academy.

To support Vonda and I personally, CLICK HERE. We could not do this without a few faithful people who believe in the work God is doing through us.

When disciples followed a rabbi, they followed him closely so that they would never be out of his sight, never be some place where they couldn’t hear him speak. They followed him so closely that his sandals often kicked up dust.

May you be covered in His dust,

George and Vonda

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PS – We need your feedback!  🙂  Are our updates too long or just about right? Are they too frequent or is 1-2 times a month often enough? Is there something we are missing? Something you would like to know more about?

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