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“How long shall I pray Lord?”

If you haven’t read part one click HERE.  Part two, click HERE.

I think every missionary has one.  That ONE person or that one circumstance they just couldn’t help.  For me, that person was Jose Mario.  When will God answer our prayers?  “How long shall I pray Lord?”

After we met with doctors, Jose Mario’s mom and I talked.  She told me he recently said, “I don’t want to live like this anymore mom.”  She told me he’s been depressed and tired.  “We’ve prayed.  We’ve had vigils.  I can’t watch my son feel so hopeless and hurt.”  By her voice, you could tell she was exhausted.

“Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.  Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls.  For my yoke is easy and my burden is light.”  Jesus the Messiah

On the way home we made a plan.  Jose Mario would live with us until he got through his first round of medications.  Probably for 2-3 weeks.  He had a pharmacy worth of medicine that needed to be taken around the clock.  Vonda and Cecilia took turns getting up in the middle of the night to give him eye droppers and apply a steroid cream to his hands.

His mom and sisters came by to visit him almost every day.  And, day after day, his eyes and skin started to clear up.  He’s had a weekly follow up appointment with each doctor and every time he goes back they can’t believe the progress.

In the past, when he’s finished his antibiotics the sores always came back.  Not this time.  This time he knows to stay out of the sun.

We hired a tutor who meets with his teacher weekly and gives him private lessons throughout the week.  When he’s not studying, he plays soccer with our middle school boys, he’s learned backgammon from Gabe and Sam and he’s been helping Vonda with her Spanish!

The doctor is worried about Jose Mario going back to the one room, sheet metal home.  “The heat might cause irritation and the sores might return.”

We have two needs we would like you to pray about.

  1. Would you be one of 35 people who will donate $100+ to build his family a new, block home?
  2. We’re looking for someone who would like to give a scholarship to Jose Mario to attend The El Rosario Christian Academy for Boys.  It’s a 3-year commitment of $85 a month.  I can send you all the details of what that covers (which is everything).

“How long shall I pray Lord?”

“Pray until.”


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  1. We will donate to help build the house.
    Just let us know how much ($100+).

  2. We will donate for the home, 100+

  3. We will prayfully consider helping out. So glad he is doing better!

    1. Thank you Eric! I can’t tell you how amazing it has been to watch.

  4. Yay for answered prayers. Thank you Lord for healing Jose Mario.

  5. Sending love and healing prayers for Jose and his family.

  6. We would like to donate $100+ toward the building of a new house.

    1. Rick and Krista, THANK YOU! 30 to go!

  7. Wow!! By His stripes we are healed!!
    Thank you so much George for just simply being there.
    I’ve sent you a message on messenger Facebook concerning our previous conversation. May the blessings still rain down brother!!

    1. Got it! Give your mom a hug for me! 30 more to go.

  8. I would feel blessed to help out with $100 for the house building, please let me know how to do that. Prayers to sweet Jose Mario and his family, and prayers to your family and your mission.

  9. We will donate $100. We hear there are good construction workers down there:)

    1. THANK YOU Larry and Gayle! YES! We know at least one!

  10. The before and after pictures of his hands are incredible! Hallelujah!
    I will donate $50, if someone else can also donate $50 to get to $100.

    1. Celeste, THANK YOU! I hope I get to see you at our Windsor fundraiser on October 20th. THANK YOU for all you do and donate. It means so much.

  11. We would like information about the scholarship.

    1. Lisa, THANK YOU! We found a sponsor for Jose Mario. AMAZING. We will be inviting 5-6 more boys to study at our middle school next year. I would love to send you more information in preparation for those boys. No obligation. Just so you can be informed. 💛

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