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Guatemala Update! May 29th

Good morning!

The rainy season is here in full force!  Vonda and I love it…but it’s only been raining a week.  It’s supposed to rain for the next 4 months!  We’ll see how we feel about it then.  🙂

Last week I visited Don Martin, who is about 76 years old (he’s not sure).  The rain had just begun and his mud/cornstalk home was already leaking.  Actually, leaking doesn’t really describe it.  The sheet metal on his roof was not nailed down and the water seemed determined break into his little home.  On that day, the rain was winning.

I talked with Ruben, the man who leads most of our construction projects, about what it would cost to repair Don Martin’s roof.  For Q500 we could put in new posts, properly nail down the lamina and make his little house LEAK FREE.  Q500 = SIXTY-FIVE DOLLARS!

Vonda and I drove to El Rosario yesterday with the kids.  We stopped by to visit Don Martin to let him know that Ruben would be fixing his roof this week!  Don Martin had left early in the morning but Ruben was already repairing the roof.  IT LOOKED AMAZING!


[youtube id=”Flz_OQrQ4FM” width=”560″ height=”315″ autoplay=”no” hd=”yes”]


Watch this 10-second video  of Don Martin planting beans and corn outside his house a few weeks ago.  I wish I could have been there to see his face when he returned.  Last night, as it POURED down rain, I fell asleep quickly knowing that my friend would sleep in a dry bed.

We are moving!  This time next week we will be cleaning and painting and getting our new home ready to move into.  We hope this will be our last move for a while.  We will be closer to El Rosario and we will be minutes away from our kids new school.  Fortunately, we don’t own much so the move should be quick!  Our kids will get a short, 6-week summer break before they begin Colegio!  They are looking forward to playing futbol and hanging out with kids their age in El Rosario.

Our team has been praying for over six months now about the possibility of establishing a Christian Academy for boys.  We believe one of the greatest challenges in El Rosario and among small villages all over Guatemala is that fathers leave their families.  We have seen it happen right in front of our eyes.  Read my blog about it here.

Prayer Requests

blonquitaPlease pray for Blanquita.  She is a 10-month-old baby girl who is in the hospital recovering from an infection until she is healthy enough to have open-heart surgery.  Yes.  You read that right.  Open-heart-surgery.
We adore her and her family!  Please pray for her and then get on your knees and thank God for your incredible life.
Please pray for Sylvia, Blanquita’s mom.  I don’t know how she has the strength to go through this.  Please pray that she has the physical, emotional and spiritual strength to get through this.

Pray for the El Rosario Christian Academy for Boys.

Pray for our kids Gabriel, Cecilia and Samuel as they transition to a new home, new friends and a new Guatemalan school.

Would you pray about supporting what God is doing through us in Guatemala? If you feel called to be a part of our support team, (click here).  We could not do this without a few people praying and listening to God.  Our greatest financial need right now is the increase in school tuition.  Because it is too dangerous in Guatemala to send our kids to a public school they will be attending a private Colegio.  The tuition is $125 each per month.

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