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COVID-19 “My Peace I leave with you; my Peace I give to you.”

How are you doing? No. Really. How are you doing?  

I’m not generally an anxious guy. I can only think of two times in my life when I’ve experienced anxiety. The last time was when we had to get my daughter out of the country for medical issues. She was too sick to take a commercial flight so we ended up getting her on a private medical jet. I’ll never forget my wife and daughter pulling out of the hanger and flying away.  I stayed in Guatemala with our two boys and eventually paused the ministry and joined them in Colorado for 4 months as Ceci recovered.

I was so anxious my heart raced FOR WEEKS. It was hard to breathe. I considered going to the emergency room multiple times. Every Google search led to anxiety. So frustrating. I eventually got through it but it periodically rears its ugly head.

When this pandemic began a few weeks ago (seems like a lot longer), we were years into ministry and years into following Jesus, yet I found myself anxious…again. I could only sleep a few hours a night, and my heart wouldn’t stop racing!

As soon as I recognized it as anxiety, I was able to deal with it.  Just recognizing it gave me peace. I drank (a little) less coffee, I exercised a little more, I ate better and I gave it to God. It was SO MUCH EASIER to give it to God this time. I read and reread John 14:15-31. I leaned into Jesus’ promise of the Holy Spirit, “My Peace I leave with you; My Peace I give to you.”  Over and over again.

If you’re feeling anxious, you’re not alone. I hear you. Message me. Let us pray with you. Let us listen. Let us help you get through this. I would be happy to share the specific steps I took.


You can watch our latest COVID-19 in Guatemala video HERE.
You can watch a super short 5 min. video about our adoption HERE.
You can watch another super short 3 min. video about ONE OF MY FAVORITE DAYS IN GUATEMALA – HERE.

We’d love to connect. What are you struggling with? WHAT ARE YOU EXCITED ABOUT? What are you doing that you LOVE during quarantine?

All our love,
George and Vonda

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  1. Thank you for sharing! I felt very encouraged after watching the videos.

  2. The unknown is what pushes our buttons and everyone tends to handle or react in different ways. Age adds to the quotient rightly or wrongly. For me, I arms myself with the best facts, take a deep breath and take a gulp of my Guatemala coffee,and then act appropriately.

    1. YES! I also take a deep breath and a big gulp of my Guatemalan coffee. Can’t wait to see you again brother!

  3. Is Gabe (?) still drawing superhero pictures?

    1. Hey Hannah! Samuel is still drawing. He’s getting really good. You can see his art on Instagram at slso_3 or message me on Facebook if you have questions. 😃

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