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Those last few miles are MURDER!

(I know…nice shorts.  Don’t judge me.  And not a gray hair in sight!) In 1999 Vonda and I ran our first marathon.  It was also our last.  Haha.  If you’ve ever run a marathon, you know those last few miles are MURDER!  My gout had

Every time we talked she seemed desperate

  For the first few years, as I drove into El Rosario, Rosalinda would often run from her house that was tucked away from the road, to meet me as I drove by. Every time we talked, she seemed desperate. Life or death desperate. Of

Guatemala Update!

Good morning! What an incredible week! Vonda’s father Dwight, uncle Carl and nephew Lane visited from Colorado! And they brought gifts! Before their visit they stopped by Home Depot and picked up two sets of solar lights! You know the kind, the outdoor lights for

Good Morning from Guatemala!

Good morning, This week our team spent a few hours with 2 single moms gathering firewood. We knew it was part of their weekly routine, we knew it was a necessary part of their lives but until last Friday afternoon, we had no idea what

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