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Yesterday was a great day at the boys academy. The team from Colorado that visited recently brought each boy a new pair of Converse shoes. To say the boys were excited would be an understatement. They were literally grinning from ear to ear. They were

I Choose to Be Esther

I Choose To Be Esther I’ve read the book of Esther multiple times and I’ve wondered “What’s the point? What does God want me to learn from Esther?” Last week a team from Colorado visited us in Guatemala. They helped build a house. They spent time

Our FIRST EVER mission trip! -Hope and Tony

It’s been a month since we’ve been back from our trip to Guatemala. What can we say … life is definitely different. Our family of four (my husband, myself and our boys … 13 and 14) ventured to Guatemala for a weeklong mission trip. Our

I thanked God for their wide eyes and loving hearts!

Hello from Guatemala! Whew! Now that spring is over in Guatemala it’s time to get ready for spring! Time to say goodbye to those 78 degree days and hello to 79 degree days. 🙂 Guatemala is “The Land of Eternal Spring”. It’s beautiful. A group of 22 visited

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