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Single Mothers

Love your neighbor as yourself

In the last 2 weeks we’ve delivered over 5,000 lbs of food to more than 50 families, mostly the elderly and single moms.  We couldn’t have done it without you!  Meet some of the people you helped! This is what $50 buys and what we

It’s been a crazy month these last few days

“WE HAVE DIFFERENT MOUNTAINS AND RIVERS BUT WE SHARE THE SAME SUN, MOON AND SKY.” – Quote from a Chinese poem How are you??? It’s been a crazy month these last few days. Every time I sit down to write an update, I feel like

Photo of the week – “La Lucha”

I was driving home after dark and passed this small tienda.  There’s a lady on every corner selling tortillas, so the competition is massive.  You can usually get 4-5 tortillas for 1 Quetzal (.13 cents) which means the profit margin is horrible.  They have to

Happy Mothers Day???

If you’re not careful, if you peel too many layers of an onion back, you might feel. Pain. Sadness. Heartbreak. Hunger. Love. I think it’s easy to go through life, not actually feeling. We all generally have routines. Get up. Check social media/email. Coffee. Breakfast.

Every time we talked she seemed desperate

  For the first few years, as I drove into El Rosario, Rosalinda would often run from her house that was tucked away from the road, to meet me as I drove by. Every time we talked, she seemed desperate. Life or death desperate. Of

The Romantic Missionary Life

Magdalena and her family will be some of our neighbors in El Rosario.  Her kids always show up to the academy when classes end so they can play soccer.  I see a lot of late afternoon soccer in our future.    🙂 I think the

Top TEN things I’m thankful for PLUS a gift for you!

  Happy Thanksgiving!    There are a few days that hit us the hardest throughout the year. And because Guatemala doesn’t celebrate thanksgiving (obviously), it’s one of those days we really feel the separation.   Here are a few things I’m thankful for:   10.

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