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I feel a harvest coming

Where does the time go? SERIOUSLY! WHERE DOES IT GO? Cecilia graduated from High School and she and Gabriel are traveling to Colorado to attend Ellerslie Bible School, NEXT WEEK! After Bible school they’ll be working for a month, to make a little money, but

Photo of the week – “Horse with no name”

Sometimes I take 50+ photos to get a photo I like.  And sometimes, as with this one, I take just a few. I was driving through Chimaltenango after a heavy rain and I passed a man riding his horse down the street.  He was moving

Goliath wouldn’t fall

The days in El Rosario start out pretty much the same for everyone. Mom gets up to make a fire for breakfast. Dad gets up to get ready to work in the blackberry fields. Eventually, the kids crawl out of bed and stumble to the

Too many days without food and water

Good morning from the Guatemalan airport! Our residency was approved!  After almost a year and a half, roadblock after roadblock, we have been granted permanent residency in Guatemala. Why residency?  First, it will be easier to travel to and from the United States.  Second, we

Guatemala Update! May 29th

Good morning! The rainy season is here in full force!  Vonda and I love it…but it’s only been raining a week.  It’s supposed to rain for the next 4 months!  We’ll see how we feel about it then.  🙂 Last week I visited Don Martin,

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