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Every photo has a story ❤️

How can we possibly thank you?  We don’t expect you to look at every photo but pick a few, take your time, and imagine where they might live?  Do they have electricity (50% do not)?  Do they have dirt floors?  Is their home made of

Photo of the week – “La Lucha”

I was driving home after dark and passed this small tienda.  There’s a lady on every corner selling tortillas, so the competition is massive.  You can usually get 4-5 tortillas for 1 Quetzal (.13 cents) which means the profit margin is horrible.  They have to

Good Morning from Guatemala!

Good morning! We had our first big rain last week. It came in the middle of the night and we had two of our three kids calling for us.  The thunder is CRAZY in Guatemala! Once the thunder disappeared it was just the “tap-tap-tap” of

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