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New Year. New Decade. New Hope.

Our fundraisers in November were INSANE. Our goal was to raise the operating budget of $58,024, which to be honest, was a stretch. We’ve never raised that much money in two nights. We ended up raising just over $70,000. This is what that extra money

I feel a harvest coming

Where does the time go? SERIOUSLY! WHERE DOES IT GO? Cecilia graduated from High School and she and Gabriel are traveling to Colorado to attend Ellerslie Bible School, NEXT WEEK! After Bible school they’ll be working for a month, to make a little money, but

Photo of the week – “La Lucha”

I was driving home after dark and passed this small tienda.  There’s a lady on every corner selling tortillas, so the competition is massive.  You can usually get 4-5 tortillas for 1 Quetzal (.13 cents) which means the profit margin is horrible.  They have to

Fire On The Mountain

Photo credit Oliver De Ros AP Last Sunday, Volcan De Fuego (Volcano Of Fire) erupted, spilling lava for miles. Initially reports said 6 people lost their lives. That number climbed to 62 within 24 hours. As of this morning, there have been 110 confirmed deaths

Happy Mothers Day???

If you’re not careful, if you peel too many layers of an onion back, you might feel. Pain. Sadness. Heartbreak. Hunger. Love. I think it’s easy to go through life, not actually feeling. We all generally have routines. Get up. Check social media/email. Coffee. Breakfast.

Every time we talked she seemed desperate

  For the first few years, as I drove into El Rosario, Rosalinda would often run from her house that was tucked away from the road, to meet me as I drove by. Every time we talked, she seemed desperate. Life or death desperate. Of

Goliath wouldn’t fall

The days in El Rosario start out pretty much the same for everyone. Mom gets up to make a fire for breakfast. Dad gets up to get ready to work in the blackberry fields. Eventually, the kids crawl out of bed and stumble to the

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