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“Lord, why did you bring me here?”

If you’ve visited us in Guatemala, you’ve met Mara. She’s from El Rosario and has worked with us since the very beginning.

“George, can you go with me to pray for my childhood pastor? He’s very sick. He has cancer.”

“Yes! Of course.”

We drove down a dirt road to a neighboring village. We pulled my truck up to the gate of a church and two young boys each swung one side of the gate open. The boys led us to a room where the pastor and his wife lived.

I remember the room was dark and the light blue walls were faded. The pastor was asleep on a big cushioned chair and his wife was stroking his hair.

“Sister Vivian, The Gringo Missionary has come to pray.”

“That’s good,” she said with her kind smile.

The pastor and his wife were older than I thought, both in their 90’s. And as it turns out, they both have cancer.

She whispers in her husband’s ear, “There’s a gringo missionary here to see you.”

He opened his eyes, “Mucho gusto.” (Nice to meet you.) He clearly struggled as he tried to sit up.

We talked for almost an hour. I mostly listened as he told me about his ministry and about his love for the Lord. And then, in an instant, he was sad. You could see the sadness in his eyes. “I don’t have the strength to teach the young people about God. My body hurts everywhere. I can only sit and wait.”

Mara told him how much he had spoken truth into her life. That it was his preaching that taught her to love and follow God. “Thank you Pastor.”

Mara explained that the pastor and his wife were worried about Maykol and Yaquelin, their two youngest grandchildren. “They’ll be alone.”

They were sitting off to the side of the room with us. Maykol is 15 and Yaquelin is 20. They were quiet and seemed sad. They had the kind of sadness that fills a room. A sadness that you can feel on your skin.

I was confused. “What do you mean alone? Where are their parents?”

“Their father was killed a year after Maykol was born. He was robbed and killed. Their mother died 9 months ago of cancer. They’re living with their older brother who’s 28 but he has a wife and a 6-year-old son. His job is always at risk.”

What do you say in situations like this? What do you DO?

I looked over at them and told them I was sorry. Maykol never looked up and Yaqueline nodded her head, “thank you”.

I asked the Pastor if I could pray for him, his wife and his family. I closed my eyes and prayed in English. “Lord, why did you bring me here? How do you want me to love this family? Tell me Lord and I’ll do it. Please give the pastor and his wife relief. Relief from their pain, relief from their worry, and relief from the things of this world. Whisper to them the words we all want to hear Lord. ‘Well done, my good and faithful servants.’”

When I finished praying, I looked the pastor in his eyes and told him “Thank you for serving the Lord. Thank you for giving your life to our Father. May you be filled with His peace.”

** Pastor Eduardo went to be with the Lord one week later.

Maykol graduated from the 6th grade last year. We’ve offered him a scholarship to the school we’ve partnered with in nearby Chimaltenango. It’s a weekend, alternative school for kids who have responsibilities at home or have to work. This year we have 10 students attending our partner middle school, America Latina and 5 students attending our middle school, The El Rosario Boys Academy.  There are still some who need scholarships.

America Latina, our partner school. It’s a weekend program plus two additional days of tutoring here at our campus. A sponsorship is $450 a year or $45 a month for 3 years.

Maykol Noj
Judith Tubac / Sponsored
Osman Sirin
Vivian Tubac
Karen Quelex
Sulmi Set
Kristel Luc / Sponsored
Mildred Garcia
Reyna Garcia / Sponsored

The El Rosario Christian Academy for Boys. The boys have class from 8am – 3:15pm 5 days a week. The first class of the day is Bible. A sponsorship is $1,020 a year or $85 a month for 3 years.

Felipe Tacatic
Joshua Hernandez / Sponsored
Osias Cos
José Mario Garcia / Sponsored
Wilder Sirin

If you would like more information about sponsorship, please visit our FAQ page HERE.  If you would like to talk personally about a sponsorship, please reply to this email.  Let’s set something up!  If you’re ready, click HERE and choose either “give one time” or “recurring”.  In the dropdown menu choose “Middle School Sponsorship”.

*** Don’t hesitate if you have questions.


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  1. Great stuff bro, great stuff!
    Keep er lit and God bless.
    Remember what I said? God is definitely in this, He really is so keep going. Love to all the family and to you and I will be with you guys very soon after my surgery. Gods richest blessings my friend. Love ya bro. God bless George. I am with you until completion. I may be in N. Ireland but I’m with ya’ll xo

    1. Byron, thank you for the work you’re doing in Northern Ireland and for your partnership here in Guatemala. You’re amazing. Keep working the harvest. I’m praying for a perfect recovery!

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