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I feel a harvest coming

Where does the time go? SERIOUSLY! WHERE DOES IT GO?

Cecilia graduated from High School and she and Gabriel are traveling to Colorado to attend Ellerslie Bible School, NEXT WEEK! After Bible school they’ll be working for a month, to make a little money, but also to get some experience. Life experience.

Six months ago, we adopted 4 little ones. SIX MONTHS AGO! WHAT THE WHAT??? After the first week, we didn’t know how we would survive. NO EXAGERATION. But we did survive. And week after week, it got easier (not easy, but easier). We found routines hidden in corners of our lives that have made all the difference. Vonda’s patience and love have no end.

One of my favorite new routines is that Vonda and the four little’s come to sing with us at Bible class every morning. It’s just one song in the morning, but I love it! We can’t believe that God gave us the opportunity to grow 4 new little lives, who know and love Jesus.

Construction is DONE! We now have the entire middle school on the new second level of the academy, which makes room for an expanded computer lab and more tutoring. AND WE HAVE A NEW SOCCER FIELD! It’s kind of like CSU getting a new football stadium on campus! Kind of.

This year we’ll have our first 9th grade graduates. It’s hard to explain how proud I am. Month after month Vonda and I ask ourselves, “Are we raising boys to be men of God?” With confidence we answer, “YES!” We’ve given Luis, Cleverson, Wilmer, Deyquer and Darwin, the tools and confidence to “Seek first the kingdom of God,”

The boys have also received an extraordinary education; a solid foundation for them to go on to high school. They entered our academy at a 3rd or 4th grade level and all five of them will graduate with a grade point average above 90%. “Damn Jackie!”

We raised enough money to build Jose Mario and his family a house. Construction will start in July. This is a big deal and the answer to years of prayers. Thank you for making that possible. Keep an eye out for photos!

On July 12th we’ll celebrate SEVEN YEARS as missionaries. It’s hard to believe that my wife and I have spent 1/3 of our marriage, in Guatemala. It’s weird. In some ways we feel like we’re just getting started. We feel like 2020 is just the beginning.

When a particularly heavy rain is coming, you can actually hear it in the distance. You can hear the rain hitting the leaves of the banana trees, getting louder as the rain approaches. That’s how I feel about 2020. I feel a harvest coming. I don’t know what that means or how this will play out, but remember this post.

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  1. Your updates make my heart so happy. Much love to you all, and enormous praise for what you are doing!!!

    1. THANK YOU Holly. We feel so privileged to be here.

  2. I miss being in Galilea and seeing you all come into Church each week. The way your older ones jumped in and helped out with the littles long before they were brothers and sisters was amazing. Your family rocks.

    1. George, we actually haven’t been there in 6 months as the kids adjust to their new family. BUT, we’ll be back soon!

  3. Vonda. I am always amazed at what is reported here about you and your growing family. I remember Gabe and Cecelia as little ones at my own baby shower. You should see Julia now at 15. She’s taller then me. Way to go in being strong role model for so many. Always sending our best. Sara

    1. THANK YOU FOR YOUR KIND WORDS SARA! I’ll make sure Vonda read it.

  4. I could not be more proud of your heart or the legacy you are leaving by focusing on the work of today. May God continue to bless you and your sweet family!

    1. THANK YOU Kim. Crazy how time flies! How long has it been???

  5. I love the updates! I’ve never met you all but I love reading about what God is doing by using your family. Your family is very encouraging to read about (ups and downs). God bless you all !!

    1. Thank you Rebecca. Maybe we can meet some day! We would love to host you for a day.

  6. George! Just finished reading your update! Congratulations to all of you ,especially Cecilia!! Way to go young lady! See you soon!
    I had my right knee replaced yesterday, still in hospital but I think I will get out by noon!
    My nurse is from Brazil and I was telling her about you missionary and how your family dedicated your self’s to those young boys!(and everyone you contact) through God!!
    She wants to follow your website, maybe do something like what you have done, she’s great! Her name is LiLi. See you later! Carl

    1. Carl, it is so great to hear from you. Cecilia is AMAZING! I think you’ll enjoy her company after Bible school. I’m glad to hear your surgery went well! I’ll be in Elbert again in October. Unfortunately, I think you might have to fly to Guatemala to see Vonda and the kids…for a while anyway.

  7. I feel a harvest coming to George! I hear the wind far off in the forest before it reaches the cabin, it’s like God moving His message closer and closer, until I can see it in plain view.
    I’m so excited for you guys, Vonda is my hero, she’s taught me to be more at peace and patient.
    Love you guys dearly, I hope to one day see what God has built for all of you down there, including Jeff and Karlie.

    Much Love, Lori
    PS how is my woman friend that you spoke about here lately?

    1. Lori, we can’t wait for you to come visit us some day. Next October we’ll be building 2 greenhouses like they have at House of Hope. Maybe then???

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