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Author: Vonda Sisneros

Vonda’s journal – Climbing Missionary Mountains

Vonda and I began the year with two HUGE mountains to climb;  An impossible adoption and an impossible construction project.  We’ve climbed the tallest mountain in Colorado, Mount Elbert, 14,403 ft. and we’ve climbed the 3rd tallest mountain in Central America, Volcan Acatenango, 13,040 respectively.

Crossing the Red Sea

George and I have seen a lot of miracles over the past four and a half years. Each morning we make our way downstairs to review where we’ve been and where we’re going, over a cup of coffee. Then we get up and continue to

The Guatemala Scarf Project

A few months ago we began “The Guatemala Scarf Project”. It was clear from the beginning it was going to be beautiful on all kinds of levels. The project has provided two single moms with an income that is enough to take care of their

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