Dec 9, 2016

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After 4 years in Guatemala, this is what I’ve learned. You cannot be impactful as a missionary without God.  It seems obvious but it’s not.  AND, we need to draw closer to Him daily through prayer and Bible study.  THOSE are the building blocks of being a missionary.  And those are the building blocks of this journal.

Vonda and I wanted a more organized way to share our thoughts and prayers with God.  Even as missionaries, it can be hard to stay focused on the most important things.  And for us, spending time with God, LOVING God, is THE MOST IMPORTANT thing.

We dreamed about, designed and printed this journal right here in Guatemala, on the mission field.

You may purchase just the journal or the journal with a chocolate or blond leather cover. We also have book bands available for purchase. Each book band is unique and will be randomly chosen at purchase. All prices include FREE SHIPPING.


  • Chandra Rambo
    Dec 22, 2016 at 7:07 pm Reply

    Much in the same way that the introduction to this beautiful journal describes, I have spent decades
    “resolving” to journal. I have dozens – it might actually be over a hundred – Ghosts of Journals Past, with the first three or four or even ten pages diligently filled out and then … nothing. But since receiving this beautiful book over two weeks ago, I have been faithful to write at least a little something every single day. I can’t describe the value of something that seems so dead simple: being reminded, every morning and night, to think about what you are grateful for, reflect on who you have touched, remember what you want to pray for. It’s a gentle reminder, but with so many things in the world pushing us to forget gratitude and reflection, a gentle reminder is necessary to keep my head in the right part of the game.

    On a more superficial note: This journal is *really* nice. The paper is luxurious, smooth, high-quality, and my beloved fountain pen inks flow beautifully and doesn’t bleed through. And the leather cover is well made from heavy leather and very nicely finished. Full disclosure: part of the reason I think I have been successful at journaling this time around is because the book itself feels nice and is not frustrating to write in.

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