Jul 7, 2014


Limited Edition


We are giving the original painting away FREE!  WHAT???

There are only 100 prints of this original painting.  Each print is hand signed and numbered.  Everyone who buys a limited edition print will be entered to win the original.  That means you have a 1/100 chance of it hanging on your wall!  As soon as the last print is sold we will draw a winner and ship it to your home immediately.

The original is painted with acrylic over the pages of a Spanish bible.  If you were to walk down the dirt road you would end up in the heart of El Rosario, the village we serve in.

When you buy this print, 100% of the money goes to helping George and Vonda continue to do the work God has called them to in Guatemala.  To learn more about their ministry, visit their About Page.  The proceeds of this limited edition print go directly to the following three areas:

  1.  Health care for the people from the village of El Rosario.
  2. Car repair.  Both of our cars have over 165,000 miles.  Enough said.
  3. Our children’s education.  It’s a cost we didn’t expect to be so high.



Norma is a single mom raising her son Jaime.  She lives in a one-room cornstalk/tin home with her mother and stepfather.  Twice a week she walks almost 3 hours to gather firewood for her family, washes clothes by hand almost every day and is continuing her education 2 afternoons a week.

Norma is also part of The Vencedor Scarf Project where she has the ability to earn enough money to feed her entire family.  Norma’s dream is that her son would be able to get a good education and a good job.

This original art print image is 10”x13” and printed on 11”x17” acid free paper.  Usually ships within 5 days from the United States.  No shipping to other countries at this time.

Artist Vonda Sisneros is a full time missionary serving in Guatemala.  Vonda graduated from Colorado State University with Bachelor of Fine Arts degree and loves to paint the world around her.  When she is not helping her three children with homework or working on The Vencedor Scarf Project, she is creating art using acrylic and mixed media.

100% of proceeds help George and Vonda Sisneros and their three children continue to serve as Christian Missionaries in Guatemala.  To learn more about what George and Vonda do, visit their About Page.

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