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God doesn’t want to be first in our lives.

This year we’ll have our first graduating class of The El Rosario Christian Academy for Boys! INCREDIBLE. The first year we studied Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and Joseph. For the last two years we’ve studied the book of Luke. We have two chapters left. I recently

Those last few miles are MURDER!

(I know…nice shorts.  Don’t judge me.  And not a gray hair in sight!) In 1999 Vonda and I ran our first marathon.  It was also our last.  Haha.  If you’ve ever run a marathon, you know those last few miles are MURDER!  My gout had

“How long shall I pray Lord?”

If you haven’t read part one click HERE.  Part two, click HERE. I think every missionary has one.  That ONE person or that one circumstance they just couldn’t help.  For me, that person was Jose Mario.  When will God answer our prayers?  “How long shall

Photo of The Week – “Sneak preview…”

This photo is a sneak preview to the re-launch of our Instagram page.  If you’re on Instagram you can follow us HERE or at Ordinary_Missionaries.  I am so excited about the new theme of our page!  I think you’ll love the new photos!  We’ll re-launch


First, just let me say how much I love black and white photography.  LOVE IT!  If Guatemala wasn’t so colorful, that’s all I would post. I think most kids in the village will tell you that one of the best days of the year is

“Fredy will not be coming to the academy”

The school year in Guatemala begins in mid January and ends in mid October. By the first week of November, we’ve already identified the boys we’ll invite to study at our academy for middle school. In 2017 we invited 7 and in 2018 we invited

They’re growing up fast, hug your kids people!

  First things first:  At the end of the last newsletter we wrote that we had BIG NEWS ABOUT OUR MEDICAL MINISTRY! For the last 2 1/2 years we’ve been hosting and working with nurses from Colorado who have come to visit and have helped

Two middle schools in El Rosario???

  First things first: Fundraising / Construction update The Christmas tree was lit on New Years Eve!  By raising $20,000 we can begin construction!  Even though we’re still $50,000 short, our builder recommended starting now so we could get the foundation in before the rainy

Top TEN things I’m thankful for PLUS a gift for you!

  Happy Thanksgiving!    There are a few days that hit us the hardest throughout the year. And because Guatemala doesn’t celebrate thanksgiving (obviously), it’s one of those days we really feel the separation.   Here are a few things I’m thankful for:   10.

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