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8 years ~ Almost a decade

I’m shaking my head as I think about our crazy journey.  We’ve seen a lot, we’ve been through a lot and we’d do it all over again.  Except maybe sooner. Two of our birds are standing at the edge of the nest.  Their wings are

Every photo has a story ❤️

How can we possibly thank you?  We don’t expect you to look at every photo but pick a few, take your time, and imagine where they might live?  Do they have electricity (50% do not)?  Do they have dirt floors?  Is their home made of

My biggest frustration with your donation [COVID-19]

Quarantine probably isn’t the same for the people of El Rosario as it is for you.  There’s no high-speed internet.  Actually, there’s almost no internet at all.  No computers.  No Amazon.  No Netflix.  No big screen tv’s. Most homes are 300-400 square feet for families

Love your neighbor as yourself

In the last 2 weeks we’ve delivered over 5,000 lbs of food to more than 50 families, mostly the elderly and single moms.  We couldn’t have done it without you!  Meet some of the people you helped! This is what $50 buys and what we

Be careful what you pray for

My wife prayed for me, for 13 years!  She prayed that I would not just know who Jesus was, but that I would have a personal relationship with Him. What does that even mean??? For 13 years, I went to church.  I gave what I

The market is a giant Covid petri dish

One month ago on March 15th Guatemala had its first confirmed case of the Corona virus. One month later, there are 430. There were 43 new cases just yesterday. A closer look at those numbers and you realize they don’t tell the whole story, (there

“Babe, if I die unexpectedly”

I started preparing a document for my wife titled, “Babe, If I die unexpectedly”. I know. Weird. This actually has nothing to do with COVID-19. It’s something I’ve wanted to do for years but haven’t had the time. You may not know this about me

It’s been a crazy month these last few days

“WE HAVE DIFFERENT MOUNTAINS AND RIVERS BUT WE SHARE THE SAME SUN, MOON AND SKY.” – Quote from a Chinese poem How are you??? It’s been a crazy month these last few days. Every time I sit down to write an update, I feel like

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