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“How long shall I pray Lord?”

If you haven’t read part one click HERE.  Part two, click HERE. I think every missionary has one.  That ONE person or that one circumstance they just couldn’t help.  For me, that person was Jose Mario.  When will God answer our prayers?  “How long shall

Photo of The Week – “Sneak preview…”

This photo is a sneak preview to the re-launch of our Instagram page.  If you’re on Instagram you can follow us HERE or at Ordinary_Missionaries.  I am so excited about the new theme of our page!  I think you’ll love the new photos!  We’ll re-launch

Sun Stand Still

Today I traveled to a town North of El Rosario called San Martin. Just to the West of San Martin, down a long dirt road are some swimming pools called “Ojo de Agua”. At around 10:45 this morning Sony was baptized in those pools! (You

Fire On The Mountain

Photo credit Oliver De Ros AP Last Sunday, Volcan De Fuego (Volcano Of Fire) erupted, spilling lava for miles. Initially reports said 6 people lost their lives. That number climbed to 62 within 24 hours. As of this morning, there have been 110 confirmed deaths

Happy Mothers Day???

If you’re not careful, if you peel too many layers of an onion back, you might feel. Pain. Sadness. Heartbreak. Hunger. Love. I think it’s easy to go through life, not actually feeling. We all generally have routines. Get up. Check social media/email. Coffee. Breakfast.

“Do you make exceptions?”

  Guest post by Karlie Ruiter An Ordinary Nurse in El Rosario, Guatemala “Do you make exceptions?” Our focus is babies. The ordinary missionaries crew believes in creating generational change. We focus on development programs more that relief efforts. We believe in empowering people to

Meet Jose Mario

One of the things I love about El Rosario is that kids don’t run up to us and ask for candy or money. They run up to say hi and give us hugs. Their parents don’t ask us to build homes but instead they ask

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