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Those last few miles are MURDER!

(I know…nice shorts.  Don’t judge me.  And not a gray hair in sight!) In 1999 Vonda and I ran our first marathon.  It was also our last.  Haha.  If you’ve ever run a marathon, you know those last few miles are MURDER!  My gout had

“Near death of our 4-year-old daughter”

  This is a guest post by a good friend, mentor and fellow missionary.  You’ll be encouraged.  THIS is what living the bible looks like.  THIS is trusting and honoring God. Guest post by Brock Johnson: not sure where to even start.  how do you

Two middle schools in El Rosario???

  First things first: Fundraising / Construction update The Christmas tree was lit on New Years Eve!  By raising $20,000 we can begin construction!  Even though we’re still $50,000 short, our builder recommended starting now so we could get the foundation in before the rainy

He wears his pain in his big brown eyes.

I remember meeting David for the first time. His family had come to visit his grandma. There was no work where they were living so they came to see if David’s dad could find a job. A visit turned into a stay and then David’s


Yesterday was a great day at the boys academy. The team from Colorado that visited recently brought each boy a new pair of Converse shoes. To say the boys were excited would be an understatement. They were literally grinning from ear to ear. They were

“You’re going to have some pretty dark days ahead.”

What would you tell yourself 12 months ago? “George. I’m sorry to say that . You will feel abandoned. You will be confused. There will be an enemy attack that appears futile. You will have to cross the mountain bro. You can’t go around it. You can’t walk away from it. Keep your eyes firmly on the Truth. Stay strong. Stay

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