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Nov 28, 2017 Boys Academy, Children, School


It’s been three weeks since we’ve returned from Colorado and things have finally slowed down enough to write an update.  As I look back, I don’t know how we fit everything we did into 3 weeks.

Gabriel got to spend 3 days in the mountains hunting elk with his Grampa for the first time. They didn’t see anything but I’m absolutely sure it was a trip they won’t ever forget.

Samuel bounced around from cousins to Grandma and Grandpa Sisneros’ and back to Elbert with Grandma and Papa Olkjer!

We hoped to spend a day with my Gramma Sisneros but she passed away the day we landed. She lived a long, full life of 93 years. I was honored to deliver her eulogy.

The hardest thing about living in Guatemala is being away from our daughter Demar and granddaughter Cora. We spent every available second with them and by the end of our trip Cora was calling me “BaPa”.  I kept repeating, “Grampa.”  “BaPa!”

Cecilia got to spend time with Grandma Sisneros.  They went out to eat and worked on a quilt. Memory threads that will last a lifetime.

Gabriel took a class and then a test to get his drivers permit. It was his 16th birthday last week so I let him drive my truck to Chimaltenango so we could share a Coke. What can I say? I’m writing this update right? We lived. BARELY.

Cecilia took her drivers test and officially has her drivers license. She drives with caution like most people I know…minus one 16-year-old teenager.

We wanted our kids to reconnect with old neighbors and friends. It wasn’t nearly enough but I know they loved every minute.

Vonda and I spent time with each of our board members and their families, BBQing, watching the Broncos (lose), escaping an escape room, church and breakfast. As Vonda and I look back, they were our most peaceful and restful times. Thank you Kevin and Sheree, Greg and Vicky, Larry and Sharon and Sara and Peter. We love you.

I was able to have breakfast with a good friend and accountability partner, Kevin Weatherby, as well as meet with the associate pastor and missions pastor of a new church that we’re building a relationship with.

We hosted TWO fundraisers and finished raising the money we needed to completely pay for our clinic, team house (now an apartment), computer lab/library, middle school classroom and a mission home where we’ll get to raise SEVEN KIDS!??

Let me just say that last October, when we realized we would have to raise $200,000, it felt impossible. IMPOSSIBLE. I’d never raised that kind of money in my life. HOW GOD?

During our trip we had follow up visits with Cecilia’s doctors and speech therapist. With encouragement and fine-tuning, I can confidently say, God has healed Ceci.

November has been CRAZY!

* I’ve interviewed almost 40 kids for 20 middle school scholarships. Including various home visits.

* I’ve interviewed and partnered with a new alternative middle school.

* I’ve prayed about and chosen 23 students to give scholarships to in January.

* I’ve had two meetings with new parents and students. I have two more meetings next week.

* We’ve planned and prepared for a trip to the beach with 55 kids from El Rosario…which happened YESTERDAY!  Check out my Facebook page to see a cool 30 second video!

* We take the four “little’s” to church on Sundays AND THEIR NEXT COURT DATE IS THE 29TH…this Wednesday. Please pray.

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  • Sue Haberkorn
    Dec 13, 2017 at 9:25 am Reply

    You and the family are amazing role models. Praying for the 4 new littles to join your family for 2018.
    Peace Love and Hugs

  • http://ordinarymissionaries.org/wp-content/themes/hipster/assets/images/icons/gravatar.jpg

    Dec 14, 2017 at 10:48 am Reply

    THANK YOU for your prayers Sue! We can’t wait to bring them home. <3

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